Sunday, 1 April 2012

He does not like Morrissey.

I am a huge fan of Moz. Like HUGE.

Even went and stood outside his house in Hollywood. *stalking is not quite the word....* :) Then I saw him walk out of the house and asked me and my friends, 'What? What do you want from me?!' But for a long, long time I didn't like him. So much so that after that moment, me and my friend started tearing the Morrissey stickers off his car.  -true story-

It was one of those things that everyone loved and I didn't just because everyone else did.

But my ex told me about them and I secretly bought a Smiths album. And got ripped because I ended up liking them and Moz. Ho-hum. The trials and tribulations of being a 17 year old.


I was chilling at the folks house one day and asked my mom if I put some music on. She said it was cool - pop was outside, chilling out in his own world. Turned out I put on The Best Of The Smiths.

He came in - 'What the fuck is this shit?!'

Me - 'The Smiths....what, you don't like them?'

Dad - 'I hate the fucker! Such an annoying little git....'

....then proceeds to do the most epic Morrissey piss take ever.

This is for you, dad. Enjoy.