Sunday, 1 April 2012

He does not like Morrissey.

I am a huge fan of Moz. Like HUGE.

Even went and stood outside his house in Hollywood. *stalking is not quite the word....* :) Then I saw him walk out of the house and asked me and my friends, 'What? What do you want from me?!' But for a long, long time I didn't like him. So much so that after that moment, me and my friend started tearing the Morrissey stickers off his car.  -true story-

It was one of those things that everyone loved and I didn't just because everyone else did.

But my ex told me about them and I secretly bought a Smiths album. And got ripped because I ended up liking them and Moz. Ho-hum. The trials and tribulations of being a 17 year old.


I was chilling at the folks house one day and asked my mom if I put some music on. She said it was cool - pop was outside, chilling out in his own world. Turned out I put on The Best Of The Smiths.

He came in - 'What the fuck is this shit?!'

Me - 'The Smiths....what, you don't like them?'

Dad - 'I hate the fucker! Such an annoying little git....'

....then proceeds to do the most epic Morrissey piss take ever.

This is for you, dad. Enjoy.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

2nd one already?! Damn, kid! On a roll!

This is pretty dope - already got some people wanting more posts. :) Thanks, y'all. It was just a little idea that I didn't think anyone would be on board with....but hey, I'm not complaining.

Got an email from pops who thinks the blog is "funny as fuck". (actual quote)

Not only am I going to get trolldad film synopsis on here, but will also include classic trolldad moments from the past and present. 

Like this happy event when I was an ickle kid with a bad haircut, happily derping around like you do when you're about 6 or something. Mom made lunch for the famliy, some sandwiches and junk - dad was kicking it with some Guinness outside. I decided I was thirsty and asked my mom for something to drink. 

Dear old dad comes in and says, 'Here, have some of this root beer float...'

Took a swig. And immediately felt super sick. Couldn't even finish my cheese sandwich.

Dad laughed. Don't remember what mom did - probably laughing too. 

All I remember was I was watching 'The Brave Little Toaster' at the time. WTF?!?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

First post.....and so it begins.

** DISCLAIMER : Oh yeah, if you get offended easily or happen to like any of the films, either buck up and laugh....or just don't read. Ta. x

First post! How exciting!! Well here it goes....don't know why this didn't happen sooner. ;) Please note that some reviews are short due to being that amazingly fantastic.

The War Horse = Glassy eyed equine behemoth is born in Devon, runs around France during WW1, touches many lives and is reunited with owner (whinging little tosser) at the end. Lynne loved it but it was hard for me to sleep because of all the war noises during the battle scenes. No need to thank me for the review...